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Process: My idea here was to put together an event that would help build community bonds, as well as help underprivileged kids get a bike.  My audience was the entire population of West Jordan, UT.  I worked using some of the design sketches I had and tried to find an image that captured some of the elements I was looking for.  The color scheme from the photo matched a complementary color scheme I found online at  Smashing Magazine.  
I wanted to incorporate some circles into the design because of the round flow of the bikes fenders and tires.
I brought the picture over to Word, and then started to work bringing in shapes and text boxes to compliment it.

Critique Process: One of my classmates, CaRynn Harris made a suggestion that ultimately helped me to remove a text bubble that was showing the $10 price for the event.  The more I thought about how to work in her suggestion, the more I began to realize that it was taking away from the flow of the design.
I utilized many of the suggestions Sister Esplin gave during her critique session.

Color Scheme: Complementary: Blue, Cream, Orange

Fonts: Title-Rockwell Extra Bold (Slab Serif) Body Copy-Rockwell (Slab Serif)

Link to image: HD Wallpapers


2 thoughts on “EVENT FLIER

  1. The event itself speaks volumes for the passion you have for service. The color and shapes pulls in those that have the same passion for giving. The work that you did shows and the time put into wanting to present a good product to the community.


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