Slide Design Project

Speaker’s Outline

I’m interested in your potential for

• Happiness
• Productivity
• Energy
• creativity

Study of Positive Psychology
If we study what is merely average, we will remain merely average

• Your view of the world
• Your lens
• Be better than average
• We’re bigger than our external world

Raise your level of positivity-Do the following for 21 days
Rewire your brain
• Write down 3 things that you’re grateful for
• Write down 3 NEW things each day
• Start a journal
• Exercise
• Meditate
• Start performing random acts of kindness


We need to change our world view and how we’re living in it.
Fill our lives with positive energy and learn to live a positive existence.


I had a few talks that came to mind when I read that we were going to be making slides from talks we liked.
There was one TED talk in particular that stood out to me. It’s about Positivity. My audience is anyone
everyone that wants or needs to add splash of positive energy into their lives. It’s for anyone that
wants to make changes, but maybe doesn’t know where to start. It’s for those that want to see changes
take place that will not only change them for the better, but also change those people around them.
I went online and found two images that really popped for me. The girl dancing in the field, and the picture
of the girls reflection on the camera lens. I knew I didn’t want the pictures to be too busy, and wanted
to somehow narrow down the focus to show the image I wanted to be the star of the show. I had a couple sketches that I used that had too much going on.

I started thinking about the example design and how I could utilize some of the ideas that were there. I didn’t
want to copy it, but wanted to have a similar focal point. I drew two triangles on the paper at either end of the
page because I pictured in my head what a photographer does when they want to get the image cropped out.
They take their hands and box out the area that they’re most interested in. This is what was my driving force.
Once I got that figure out, I got really excited about the images I was going to choose and went through at least
5-6 different images for each slide until I found ones that had the look and feel that I was shooting for.  My color scheme was taken from the photos I found.


6A Drawing

The drawing above is what I ultimately decided I wanted to work with.  I had one slide that I had the triangles going on opposite corners.

Originally it was because the picture felt off with the triangles the other way.  The Critique processed help me sort that out.

Critique Report

I got critiques from Alan Anderson, Kaylynn Harrison, and CaRynn Harris.  Alan suggested that I work on the transparency on the triangles

because with some of the coloring they were difficult to see, or didn’t seem right.  I went back and made some adjustments to them, and then

made that transparency uniform throughout the project.  It made it feel more uniform and helped the images stand out more.  CaRynn pointed

out that one of my images had the triangles going in a different direction.  I was aware of this and had rationalized it because I felt like it worked.

As I worked through the slide full-screen, I could see what CaRynn was getting at.  It was a definite break in the flow by having it there.

The feedback I got was very valuable because I was able to refine a few things that really were working against me, not for me.


Link to the talk: The happy secret to better work by Shawn Achor

Fonts: Traditional-Playfair and Georgia for text

Links to images: Girl Dancing In FieldPositivityWorld ViewWorld In Your HandsJournalMeditateJogger


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