8A Social Media Marketing Project

Company: Younique by Sara

Objective: Launch a new campaign promoting the Younique product with #KISS.YOUNIQUE as the driving force behind it. KISS stands for Keep It Sensationally Simple, and is derived from the idea that makeup should be developed with simple, non-harmful ingredients.

Strategy: Create some new images with text that promote the campaign.

Process and Reasoning: I wanted to portray the clean and pure vision of the product line that my client (Sara) wanted. She wanted clean lines and images that reinforced the natural approach that Younique takes when developing their product line. I came up with #KISS.YOUNIQUE after I had gone through 8-10 design ideas that just weren’t working for me. The original idea of Keep It Sensationally Simple is a play on Keep It Simple Stupid. The audience is women that are looking for makeup that has ingredients that are clearly labeled and information that they can readily find. I’ve included 3 examples of what I made for Facebook, and also the cover picture I used. I created everything using Microsoft Word.

Critique: I wasn’t able to use the normal critique process and instead used my wife (Sara), and a friend that’s a graphic designer by profession. Sara had me change the Facebook profile picture 4 different times because they didn’t work well with the cover photo. That’s really when I came up with #KISS.YOUNIQUE. I had been striking out with getting an image she liked and finally pulled it off. My friend (Jay) gave me some advice on the text placement and helped me make designs that weren’t too busy. That was important since the message was to keep things simple.

Font: Lucida Sans/Sans Serif

Images Used: http://amazingwhitedress.blogspot.com/2016/01/white-dress-in-field.html







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