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Process: I wanted to develop a website that was clean and simple to navigate. The idea of Everyday Essentials is that the things we surround ourselves with can simplify life. My motivation for the concept was based on things that I’m personally interested in and wanted to emulate for this project. I searched for websites and blogs that captured the main theme of what I wanted to accomplish. Through my search on the Internet I was able to find pictures that were strong in their presence, but at the same time were reminiscent of the simplicity I wanted the company to garner. I created my drawing, and then moved on to my wire frame design. My wire frame above has a white left rectangle that isn’t showing here.  Once challenge I ran into was that many of the photos I wanted to use were longer than they were tall. I had to find new images for a few of them because trying to keep things proportional made the object that was the main focus too large.My audience is mainly tailored to men, but can really be a site for anyone that wants to find quality reviews and feedback on all sorts of equipment.

Critique: I received one critique from Karina Finke who liked the images and layout of the project. I was able to email Brent Fisher and get his input, which was very helpful. He suggested trying to right or left align the text in the left panel. I tried both options, but ultimately decided that center aligned fit the end product I was wanting. I added a footer, which was suggested by Brent. While I was in the process of doing last minute changes, I felt like the original picture of a few watches I had didn’t fit in with the rest of the images. It had a text box that said “Timepieces”. While it was a great look, it didn’t conform to the rest of the images. I opted to change it and liked the result. I tried 3-4 different images in each box and bounced the new look off my wife, and two of her friends that were here working on some crafts.

Color Scheme: Monochromatic

Fonts: Myriad Pro Regular was used exclusively

Links to Images:











3 thoughts on “11A Web Design

  1. Great job Chris! I particularly enjoyed the clean display of your webpage. The text you chose was easy to read. In addition, the pictures featured on the site are well organized and eyecatching. Futheremore, as you stated, your project successfully appeals to general audiences.


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