12B Magazine Spread

I first started with my drawings from week 7.  I then drew a shape map to get a better idea of what the end product would look like.  I changed a few things from the old design.  It was interesting to compare what I drew and how that morphed with the images I chose.  What I thought would work changed as I saw a need to change up my pictures.

My final project looks much different, and that’s partly because of good feedback from people.  I ultimately decided to go with a much cleaner picture on the 2nd page because the trees in the background made it too difficult to read the text.


Critique: I got some helpful feedback from Chance Merrill.  He helped me with deciding on a color scheme for the first page.  I wasn’t sure how to tie in the blues, and decided to go with white in the end.  I also used the 12A notes I got from my assignment.  That is where you’ll see the changes on the steps for meditation so it’s easier to read.

Fonts: Title (Bradley Hand), text (Abadi MT condensed)

Image Sources:








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