13A Design Portfolio


Process: I started this project with a basic understanding of where I wanted to go with it, but didn’t really have a clear plan.  I had all but one of the required projects done, but decided that it was to include the photos for the Photographic Study that I was missing.  A good majority of my projects had very natural, or neutral colors so I knew that I wanted to focus on background that made a statement about my overall work but didn’t overwhelm it.  I found some cool wood planks that had varying colors throughout the 4-5 planks.  As I added photos to the slides it really started to take shape and I felt a good connection with my design choice.  My photos were staggered and moved around on each slide to find the best possible location without sacrificing the focus being on them.  One thing I didn’t stick to was the size of my Movie Poster.  I was never able to get the formatting right and it looked stretched.  I chose to go with the full sized project due to that fact.  In my mind it was too much of a distraction being stretched.

Critique: I received feedback from Chaz Egnew from my Visual Media class who commented about the color of one of the words on the last slide and some text being slightly askew.  After I went back and check out the things Chaz had pointed out, I was able to correct them.  I went with a darker text color rather than lighter because the lighter got washed out.  I then changed the original text box to match the new color.


10 thoughts on “13A Design Portfolio

  1. Excellent work Chris! I like how you used wooden planks as the background for your portfolio. It is a good symbol of the development of your talents through out the semester. My favorite part of your project would have to be the photographic study you did. That tank you photographed looks super cool! Like something out of an action movie! Best of luck with your continuing education.

    Feel free to Checkout my final Portfolio:



  2. Chris I really like your first slide in your last slide how you did your name Chris Armstrong. It looks awesome. You done great work this whole semester and I really liked watching you you grow as you learned.


  3. Chris! I love the burned wood effect that you have on your name. It really stands out and looks so nice. My favorite project of yours was the tasteful typography. Yours was actually my favorite one that week. You are very consistent with your work and it shows as you click through each project. Nice job!


  4. Looks great Chris. I like how you aligned the words on the final slide. I really love the brand print you used on the front slide too. Your message of basic design really showed through. It also kind of says that you’re a pretty solid person. It’s really cool seeing all your work from over the semester. You did a lot of cool things!


  5. Chris, your portfolio looks great! It’s nice to see your work all together. My favorite project is the slide design, it is so consistent, clean, and professional! Great work this semester!


  6. Chris wonderful job! It was fun to see your work again. I especially love your typography and slide design projects. They look very professional. You are very talented. Good luck with your future design projects!


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