13A Design Portfolio


Process: I started this project with a basic understanding of where I wanted to go with it, but didn’t really have a clear plan.  I had all but one of the required projects done, but decided that it was to include the photos for the Photographic Study that I was missing.  A good majority of my projects had very natural, or neutral colors so I knew that I wanted to focus on background that made a statement about my overall work but didn’t overwhelm it.  I found some cool wood planks that had varying colors throughout the 4-5 planks.  As I added photos to the slides it really started to take shape and I felt a good connection with my design choice.  My photos were staggered and moved around on each slide to find the best possible location without sacrificing the focus being on them.  One thing I didn’t stick to was the size of my Movie Poster.  I was never able to get the formatting right and it looked stretched.  I chose to go with the full sized project due to that fact.  In my mind it was too much of a distraction being stretched.

Critique: I received feedback from Chaz Egnew from my Visual Media class who commented about the color of one of the words on the last slide and some text being slightly askew.  After I went back and check out the things Chaz had pointed out, I was able to correct them.  I went with a darker text color rather than lighter because the lighter got washed out.  I then changed the original text box to match the new color.


12B Magazine Spread

I first started with my drawings from week 7.  I then drew a shape map to get a better idea of what the end product would look like.  I changed a few things from the old design.  It was interesting to compare what I drew and how that morphed with the images I chose.  What I thought would work changed as I saw a need to change up my pictures.

My final project looks much different, and that’s partly because of good feedback from people.  I ultimately decided to go with a much cleaner picture on the 2nd page because the trees in the background made it too difficult to read the text.


Critique: I got some helpful feedback from Chance Merrill.  He helped me with deciding on a color scheme for the first page.  I wasn’t sure how to tie in the blues, and decided to go with white in the end.  I also used the 12A notes I got from my assignment.  That is where you’ll see the changes on the steps for meditation so it’s easier to read.

Fonts: Title (Bradley Hand), text (Abadi MT condensed)

Image Sources:







12A Magazine Spread

I started this project with some sketches that I thought would work well with my subject matter.  I wanted something simple, and not overwhelming because meditation should be simple.  I took my sketches and used InDesign to draw boxes to represent where I’d be adding text as well as images.  I used a large image and put it in the background of page two.  I haven’t been able to figure out a color I like for page one, and I’m trying to find a font that I like.




Fonts Used: Title (Bradley Hand), Text (Abadi MT Condensed)


Image Sources:





11A Web Design







Process: I wanted to develop a website that was clean and simple to navigate. The idea of Everyday Essentials is that the things we surround ourselves with can simplify life. My motivation for the concept was based on things that I’m personally interested in and wanted to emulate for this project. I searched for websites and blogs that captured the main theme of what I wanted to accomplish. Through my search on the Internet I was able to find pictures that were strong in their presence, but at the same time were reminiscent of the simplicity I wanted the company to garner. I created my drawing, and then moved on to my wire frame design. My wire frame above has a white left rectangle that isn’t showing here.  Once challenge I ran into was that many of the photos I wanted to use were longer than they were tall. I had to find new images for a few of them because trying to keep things proportional made the object that was the main focus too large.My audience is mainly tailored to men, but can really be a site for anyone that wants to find quality reviews and feedback on all sorts of equipment.

Critique: I received one critique from Karina Finke who liked the images and layout of the project. I was able to email Brent Fisher and get his input, which was very helpful. He suggested trying to right or left align the text in the left panel. I tried both options, but ultimately decided that center aligned fit the end product I was wanting. I added a footer, which was suggested by Brent. While I was in the process of doing last minute changes, I felt like the original picture of a few watches I had didn’t fit in with the rest of the images. It had a text box that said “Timepieces”. While it was a great look, it didn’t conform to the rest of the images. I opted to change it and liked the result. I tried 3-4 different images in each box and bounced the new look off my wife, and two of her friends that were here working on some crafts.

Color Scheme: Monochromatic

Fonts: Myriad Pro Regular was used exclusively

Links to Images:










10A Movie Poster



















Message/Audience: My idea with this project was to do something post-apocalyptic that would appeal to people that like that genre of movie, or even book. I wanted a gritty, surreal look to the image. As a long time fan of survivalist, zombie, and movies about the human struggle, I wanted to take a shot at what I might envision a movie poster looking like.

Critique Report: I spent almost 12 hours working on this project and had a hard time finding a picture of myself that I liked. My critiques were from my wife, and a few co-workers that were milling about while I was working on this. Initially I had tried to get more going on with the face but the feedback I got was that it was too busy. It probably helped that it was extremely hard for me to figure out and took 2-3 hours to get right.

Process: The process for this project involved multiple layers. There is a city behind the trees, which can be seen, but is faint. If you look at my sunglasses you’ll see the reflection of two men approaching. That was a really fun part of this project to discover and figure out.

Fonts: SF MOVIE POSTER CONDENSED was used for the names, and Trajan for the title. I used a custom font/design that I’ve included below.

Images: There is of course the image of me on the far right of the poster, and then a few more that I’ve detailed below.














Here’s a link to my YouTube video showing off my poster!

8C Photography Activity

ChrisArmstrong-Outdoor-Rework-01Outdoor-ReworkChrisArmstrong-Outdoor-Orig-01Outdoor-OriginalChrisArmstrong-Indoor-01Indoor-Farther OutChrisArmstrong-Indoor-02Indoor-CloserChrisArmstrong-Foreground-01ForegroundChrisArmstrong-Background-01BackgroundChrisArmstrong-RuleOfThirds-01Rule of ThirdsChrisArmstrong-LeadRoom-01Lead Room

The photos I took were a challenge because I haven’t done anything with photography or editing before.  I have a decent point and shoot camera, a Canon PureShot S95 which has some additional features that helped to get the Background/Foreground part of the assignment done.  I chose to include the original photo of the sky to show the difference between them.  It was more for me to see how just changing a few things in Lightroom could make such a big impact on the end result.

The pictures with the coins and hammer are some tools a brother-in-law of mine has to make rings out of coins.  I felt like the dapping tools were interesting and wanted to showcase them.  I liked how the light reflected off of the top of each of them.  My 3 year old, Josh wanted me to take a picture of his Star Wars Galactic Heroes, so I had him help me set them up.  My last set are of my 11 year old son, Orion.  He was a good sport as his dad tried to figure out how to get enough light without making the flash on the camera something that detracted from the image.

I imported the images into Lightroom and began the process of cleaning up the photos, trying to get the red-eye tool to work like I wanted and ultimately change the photos to my liking.  I darkened some of the photos to remove the background and decided I wanted a bit of a more grainy, old school photo look for the photos with my son.

8A Social Media Marketing Project

Company: Younique by Sara

Objective: Launch a new campaign promoting the Younique product with #KISS.YOUNIQUE as the driving force behind it. KISS stands for Keep It Sensationally Simple, and is derived from the idea that makeup should be developed with simple, non-harmful ingredients.

Strategy: Create some new images with text that promote the campaign.

Process and Reasoning: I wanted to portray the clean and pure vision of the product line that my client (Sara) wanted. She wanted clean lines and images that reinforced the natural approach that Younique takes when developing their product line. I came up with #KISS.YOUNIQUE after I had gone through 8-10 design ideas that just weren’t working for me. The original idea of Keep It Sensationally Simple is a play on Keep It Simple Stupid. The audience is women that are looking for makeup that has ingredients that are clearly labeled and information that they can readily find. I’ve included 3 examples of what I made for Facebook, and also the cover picture I used. I created everything using Microsoft Word.

Critique: I wasn’t able to use the normal critique process and instead used my wife (Sara), and a friend that’s a graphic designer by profession. Sara had me change the Facebook profile picture 4 different times because they didn’t work well with the cover photo. That’s really when I came up with #KISS.YOUNIQUE. I had been striking out with getting an image she liked and finally pulled it off. My friend (Jay) gave me some advice on the text placement and helped me make designs that weren’t too busy. That was important since the message was to keep things simple.

Font: Lucida Sans/Sans Serif

Images Used: http://amazingwhitedress.blogspot.com/2016/01/white-dress-in-field.html