8C Photography Activity

ChrisArmstrong-Outdoor-Rework-01Outdoor-ReworkChrisArmstrong-Outdoor-Orig-01Outdoor-OriginalChrisArmstrong-Indoor-01Indoor-Farther OutChrisArmstrong-Indoor-02Indoor-CloserChrisArmstrong-Foreground-01ForegroundChrisArmstrong-Background-01BackgroundChrisArmstrong-RuleOfThirds-01Rule of ThirdsChrisArmstrong-LeadRoom-01Lead Room

The photos I took were a challenge because I haven’t done anything with photography or editing before.  I have a decent point and shoot camera, a Canon PureShot S95 which has some additional features that helped to get the Background/Foreground part of the assignment done.  I chose to include the original photo of the sky to show the difference between them.  It was more for me to see how just changing a few things in Lightroom could make such a big impact on the end result.

The pictures with the coins and hammer are some tools a brother-in-law of mine has to make rings out of coins.  I felt like the dapping tools were interesting and wanted to showcase them.  I liked how the light reflected off of the top of each of them.  My 3 year old, Josh wanted me to take a picture of his Star Wars Galactic Heroes, so I had him help me set them up.  My last set are of my 11 year old son, Orion.  He was a good sport as his dad tried to figure out how to get enough light without making the flash on the camera something that detracted from the image.

I imported the images into Lightroom and began the process of cleaning up the photos, trying to get the red-eye tool to work like I wanted and ultimately change the photos to my liking.  I darkened some of the photos to remove the background and decided I wanted a bit of a more grainy, old school photo look for the photos with my son.


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