10A Movie Poster



















Message/Audience: My idea with this project was to do something post-apocalyptic that would appeal to people that like that genre of movie, or even book. I wanted a gritty, surreal look to the image. As a long time fan of survivalist, zombie, and movies about the human struggle, I wanted to take a shot at what I might envision a movie poster looking like.

Critique Report: I spent almost 12 hours working on this project and had a hard time finding a picture of myself that I liked. My critiques were from my wife, and a few co-workers that were milling about while I was working on this. Initially I had tried to get more going on with the face but the feedback I got was that it was too busy. It probably helped that it was extremely hard for me to figure out and took 2-3 hours to get right.

Process: The process for this project involved multiple layers. There is a city behind the trees, which can be seen, but is faint. If you look at my sunglasses you’ll see the reflection of two men approaching. That was a really fun part of this project to discover and figure out.

Fonts: SF MOVIE POSTER CONDENSED was used for the names, and Trajan for the title. I used a custom font/design that I’ve included below.

Images: There is of course the image of me on the far right of the poster, and then a few more that I’ve detailed below.














Here’s a link to my YouTube video showing off my poster!


5 thoughts on “10A Movie Poster

  1. Great job! I took one look at this post and I was like “wow that looks legit!” Seriously. I love the hard line that divides the dark forest/city-scape from the nuclear explosion. And the radiation effect on your face is amazing! Then the effects you have on your movie title. Everything together looks super good.
    Here’s Elise Johansson’s project, she did a really good job too. Check it out: https://elisejohanssonblog.wordpress.com/2016/03/11/10a-movie-poster-project/comment-page-1/#comment-33


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